Professional Development Division

If you’re looking for training and certification in the security field, you have come to the right place. We provide everything you need from SORA Certification to First Aid training.

  • NJ SORA Certification and Re-certification Training
  • Basic and Advanced Law Enforcement and Corrections Training
  • Defensive Tactics Training
  • Firearms Training, including RPO Qualifications
  • Leadership Development
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness
  • Incident Command (all levels)
  • Executive-Level Preparedness Training
  • First Aid and CPR training
  • Impact Weapons Training
  • OC/Chemical Agents Training
  • Use of Force Training
  • Handcuffing

NJ SORA Certification & Recertification Training

As of 2007, Security Office Registration Act (SORA) training is mandatory for all contracted security positions throughout New Jersey. Officers at Praetorian Agency are SORA certified and we provide outside training to those who would like to become certified. The training consist of a three-step process that much be completed within a 30 day period. Training and certification involves registration with the New Jersey State Police (NJSP), a 24-hour training program with a certified instructor and fingerprinting.

First AID and CPR Training

We make sure our officers are prepared for any situation and are ready to help you or any one in need of help at the location. We make sure all of our officers are fully trained in First Aid and CPR.

In addition, we offer training to outside officers. You can never be too prepared so make sure you hire qualified officers for your security.

Preparedness Training

You never know when an emergency is going to occur and you can never be too prepared. At Praetorian Agency, we can help you, your staff or family be as prepared as possible for potential disasters.

Not only can we assess your property to calculate the level of risk, but we can teach you how to be prepared. From bomb scare drills to planning for a natural disaster, we’re here to help keep you safe.

Securing Your Trust