Protective Services Division

With over 30 years of security and law enforcement experience, our Protective Services Division personnel are highly motivated to provide you with the assets you need to keep you, your family, and business safe.

  • Religious Institution – Place of Worship Security
  • School Security
  • Retail Security
  • Residential Security
  • Commercial Security
  • Event Security
  • Personal Protective Details
  • Secure Courier Services
  • Patrol Services
  • Home and Business Checks
  • Security Assessments and Consultations

Religious Institutions and Places of Worship

At the Praetorian Agency, it is our belief that everyone should feel safe and secure while exercising their faith.  We have extensive experience providing highly skilled armed protective personnel that will make your congregations, staff, and guests feel welcome and safe.

School Security

We are here to provide your private, religious, or charter school with exceptional, cost-effective, security staffing.  All of our security officers are highly trained and extremely motivated to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for your students, staff and families.

Physical Security Assessment

Physical Security Assessments evaluate the overall physical security of buildings, facilities, and locations. The assessment process is simple and consist of a non-invasive walkthrough of the premises guided by onsite personnel. We will look into the performance of access control systems, cameras, security lighting, fences, and more.

Securing Your Trust